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10 Kitchen Essentials One Must Have During This COVID-19 Outbreak

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Be Lockdown Ready, Store These Basic Kitchen Essentials And Avoid Frequent Visits To Market.

Are you worried about buying and storing kitchen essentials during quarantine? A little thought and planning are enough to set up a well-stocked pantry in these troubled times. Here is a list which you can use and easily plan meals for your family for coming weeks

Rice and Flour:

These are the first of the basic essentials for every person to survive. Rice and flour, especially atta, are two products without which any Indian kitchen is incomplete. So try to store enough rice and atta to at least survive for two weeks.


Since time immemorial, dal-chawal has not only been comforting to almost every person, but also a basic need for people. So, store two to three types of dals, rajma, lobia, to get your daily dose of nutrition.

Salt and Sugar:

In very emergency situations, salt and sugar are the most essential kitchen ingredients that we must stock for cooking any dish. So store them well in air-tight boxes.


Keep basic spices like turmeric (Haldi), garlic, ginger, cumin (jeera), coriander (dhania), chilies (dry and fresh), garam masala handy. They not only add taste and aroma to your food but also have several health benefits. For example, Haldi and ginger have nutrients that strengthen our immune system.


If not anything, at least try to store potatoes, onion, and tomato, which will make your job easier in the kitchen. For instance, potatoes can be used to prepare multiple kinds of dishes - from fries to curries.


Store at least two packets of refined and mustard oil, which can be used to prepare any kind of dishes.

Tea and Coffee:

We all need our daily dose of the booster in the morning, hence keeping tea and coffee in-store is a must.

Milk Powder:

We are in such a situation where avoiding stepping out of the house is need of the hour. So it is a smart decision to keep several easy to use products, which can be stored for long. It is not possible to store milk for a longer time, hence one must keep at least one can of milk powder as an alternative.


Some ready-made food should always be stored for extreme situations. Hence, a kitchen should have some snacks like instant noodles, biscuits and some ready to eat foods.


Fruits have always been the best form of handy and insta food. Store some bananas, oranges, apples and more in your refrigerator. Bananas, not only curb your hunger pangs instantly but also boost energy; on the other hand, oranges give us our daily dose of vitamin C, which may help in fighting seasonal cold and flu.

Remember, do not over store any item! Every person around is undergoing the same crisis situation, hence we all should be responsible for every act of ours. Plan simple meals, save food wastage,

Stay Home Stay Safe!!

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