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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Dieting, eating less, exercising, physical training, engaging in an active lifestyle and avoiding sedentary activities are direct and obvious ways to lose weight. However, weight loss experts also require the need to regularly monitor your weight in their programs. Some people do not see how standing on a weighing scale without doing anything can lose you weight. Still others just find this routine a mere source of displeasure that can dishearten you in losing weight. So how exactly does monitoring weight help you lose weight? Here are the reasons why?

Self-monitoring is at the core of weight loss intervention

You and you alone can cause yourself to lose weight. Your coach, trainer, family and friends will only be there to support you, cheer you or stop you when you are giving up or are yielding to the temptations of eating or quitting.

“In fitness, the hard work and discipline rest on you and you alone”

Self- monitoring your weight therefore is a reflection of your dedication, seriousness and commitment to really lose weight. You monitor your progression or regression because you are truly concerned about your health. You monitor your weight because you are dead serious in losing weight. If you stop monitoring, it may mean that you are indifferent or uncommitted to yourself. But if you keep on monitoring, it means that you have devoted or pledged yourself to the promise of being a better you. The Lifetrons Smart Digital Scale is a perfect companion for self-monitoring your weight. More than just your weight, it also measures essential Body compositions such as BMI (Body Mass Index), Body Fat, Hydration, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Protein %, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat, Bone Mass, Biological Age & Basel Metabolic Rate among others.

Different people require different Weight loss programs

The Best Weight Loss Plan should be customized to your needs and circumstances. Weight loss training for your 65 year old grandmother, your 750-pound 7-foot neighbor, and the average you are apparently totally different. It is important to consider factors such as your daily schedule, the kind sleep you get, your work and life-style and your overall body composition such Body Fat, Muscle mass, Hydration, Bone mass, BMI (Body Mass Index), BMR, TEE, Visceral fat and others for effective weight management. Lifetrons Smart Digital Scale provide measures for all these factors so that you can come up with a weight loss program that perfectly suits your needs either given by a expert or designed by yourself. To make things simple for you, a lot of things are automatically calculated by Lifetrons Smart Scale and shown in Mobile App once you connect Smart Scale with App.

Knowing what to do next

Like any other undertaking, weight loss is a step by step process. And along the way, circumstances may call for changes in your diet or exercise plan as you progress. Self monitoring by using Lifetrons Smart Digital Scale will help you track your progress or regression so that you will know what your next move will be. For instance, after conducting a strenuous physical exercise, you discover that your fat turned to muscles. You did not lose weight but only become leaner. In the case, you may opt to eat less or get diet right to effect a change in weight. In another instance, you have been eating less but your body looks pale and weak . In that case, you need to exercise more. People who achieve the ideal healthy weight are those who are diligent in monitoring their weight regularly. Hydration level in the body also plays an important role in overall healthy life-style, it is very important to monitor those and keep up the right levels especially during summer or exhausting work or different activities.

Receive immediate gratification and inspiration

The Best Weight Loss Plan to urge you to work harder in your battle against weight is to see results and the best way to do it is monitor your different body composition data. Lifetrons Smart Digital Scale comes with an App that visually show your progress through graphs and trends that will provide you gratification and inspiration to work and pursue your goal more. In a study of Harkin, Web and Chang in a collaborative study by the University Sheffield, University of Leeds and University of North Carolina, a meta analysis of 138 studies provided evidence that progress monitoring such as in one’s weight loss venture greatly enhanced behavioral performance and the prospect of achieving one’s goals. The scientific evidence showed the imperative and standard need for a weight monitoring device when engaged in weight loss program

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